About Jarvis Wilcox


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Seeing, Painting, Encountering

The art in representational painting is not primarily so that the viewer is wowed by the virtuosity of execution, but it is more importantly, a communication, an exploration of interactions of the objects represented as well as their relationships to their surroundings, the haunting echoes of relationships in the everyday experience of the viewer.

The poetry of painting lies not in the images presented so much as in the emotional connections stimulated, brought to mind and made real by individual, unique responses. Each viewer must have their own response, but if the work is good, our individual responses will be related. Art, any art, is a unique means of communicating and experiencing intuitive subjective knowledge and is a means of mutual understanding. A celebration of our shared life.

This is the well-spring of my painting. I am trying to communicate the excitement, the delight, and the insight I discover in seeing and then making the painting. A painting is a mood, sustained and realized. A picture cannot be comprehended in a glance; paintings, like any of the temporal arts as well as good red wines, take time to reveal themselves. My hope is that your time with me will be as revealing and rewarding as mine has been.  

Please enjoy! 

Jarvis Wilcox